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Coffee Shop Aal al‑Bayt – كافى شوب آل البيت


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Be welcome to the website of the Coffee Shop Aal al-Bayt in the heart of Luxor, Egypt.


The Coffee Shop

Our Concept / Philosophy

The Coffee Shop Aal al-Bayt sees itself as a coffee shop or a tea room of oriental style. According to local standards a high standard is aimed at good prices. Our guests shall be supplied well und feel at home with us.



The Aal al-Bayt is located in a prime location in the centre of Luxor. Let be enchanted by its flair right in the touristic part of the Bazaar Street (“Sh. as-Suq”), directly at the crossroads to the nationally known Street of the Gold Traders (“Sh. ad-Dahab”) – an oasis of enjoyment in the hustle and bustle. There are only about 400 metres to the entrance of the world-famous Luxor Temple.



Our guests are served here every day around the clock. Only during the Islamic month of Ramadan there are special opening times which are set annually as required. In the spirit of a good service we make sure that there is always sufficient staff at place.

For the hot months the coffee shop is equipped with fans and air cooling devices. Flat screen televisions with satellite channels allow inter alia the broadcasting of major sports events.


Our Range of Beverages

We offer our guests an extended selection of traditional and mordern coffee shop specialities:



About Us

This website contains beside our range of beverages further information about the Coffee Shop Aal al-Bayt:


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